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CD  Drive

Note:  CD Driver is not the same as CD Drive. CD Drive is the hardware and CD driver is the associated software.  

This article is about CD drives which are used as a peripheral  device in computers.   The information in this article applies to both internal and external CD drives.  Note that we are not talking about music CD players.  

What is a CD drive:   A CD drive or a CD burner is an optical device that uses light to read and write information. Common optical disc drives are  CD drive, DVD drive, and Blu-ray drives.

CD-R drive:  This device has two functions. Read data from a CD and write data on a CD.  If you look at the specification or configuration of a  CD drive you might see a number like 12x2x24. 

The “x”  stands for the transfer of 150 KB of data per second.     

The first number indicates the speed at which the CD drive will record data onto a CD. In above example, the CD drive will record data at rate 12 times 150 KB/second (1800 KB/second).

The second number indicates the rewriting speed. In our example, the drive will rewrite data at a rate 2 times 150 KB/second (300 KB/second)

The third number is the reading rate of data from a CD.  In our example, the drive will read 24 times 150 KB/second (3600 KB/second).

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