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Computer Software


Software is collection of programs that provide step by step instructions to a computer what do and how to do.   Generally there are two types of software:

A: System Software: These are group of software programs that interact with the computer  hardware at very basic level . This type of  software  includes Compilers, Operating system (OS),  and Utilities  for  managing computer resources.

B: User software (Applications):  These are the programs that computer users utilize to perform their tasks.   Word Processor,  Games ,  Accounting programs,  Graphic tools, and Spread sheet are example of this type  of software.

Operating system (OS) is the most important and it is the only software  that interacts with computer hardware directly.   It controls every aspect of the computer ,  serves as a manger for the hardware and software resources held in the system , and provides common services for execution of the other programs.


  The most common operating systems are Windows, UNIX and Macintosh.


Operating system functions:

1.  Processor management
2.  Memory management
3.  Device management
4.  Storage management
5.  Application interface management
6.  User interface management

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