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Information Technology Jobs

What is IT? The technology that deals with computer based information is called Information Technology ( IT ).

Over the past two decades, the growth of Information Technology has been more rapid than any other business field. Currently, IT is utilized in most industries,government agencies,  businesses both small and big,and has infiltrated  every aspect of our lives.   There are many job titles in this field and depending on the size of the organization, an employee will assume varying degrees of responsibilities.  We will talk about some of the IT job titles and their general responsibilities associated with them.    Computer related jobs falls into two main categories,Software and Hardware. Most IT jobs require some knowledge of both. Basics understanding of Software and  Hardware.

Computer ProgrammerA programmer writes instructions telling a  computer what to do, and in what sequence.  Programming languages are designed to enable programmers to write instructions for the computers (known as program codes).  The first requirement to become a computer programmer is to learn a programming language.There are countless programming languages  in the market such as Visual Basic (VB),  C++, C sharp (C#), and Java. 

In order to  manipulate data in a database (DB) programmatically, a programmer needs to learn about databases and related technologies.  To have an efficient computer application,the programmer must consider other factors like memory management,  system security,  processing speed, user friendliness  and more.   The innovations of  software developers are the reasons behind the success of computers. A programmer must be able to translate any business requirement into a sequence of logical processes detailed in a document called program specification. 

How to become a computer programmer: 

Build the foundation:  You need a wide range of education inorder to  develop a basic comprehension.

1.Complete courses in Math, Science, , Algebra, Geometry , and Art classes, meaning you must finish high school. 

2. Degree: Get your college degree preferably in Computer Science. You might be able to find a programming job without a degree, but most employers require a college degree, certain type of formal training, or some type of certification in IT. 

3. Specialize: There are many programming languages in the market, and one cannot be an expert in all. It is best to pick one or two languages, and improve your skills in those languages. I would suggest to chose an Object Oriented Programming language like C#. 

4. Stay updated: Like every other field, programming languages have their own life. Developers are enhancing their capabilities and compatabilities of programming languages with different platforms and operating systems. They introduce new functionality and improvements on new releases. 

2. Skill: You get skilled when applying learned knowledge. Programmers are innovative people, applying their knowledge (Math, Science, computer, ..) to convert business requirements into program codes and create applications that work flawlessly. 

3. Portfolio: As part of your resume, you should have a portfolio of your work detailing each application/program, describing how and what it does. You should be able to explain the internal workings of the applications in your portfolio. 

4. Get a job: An entry level programmer’s salary in the United Sates ranges from $30,000 - $65,000 per year. According to, the median expected salary for a typical Programmer I in the United States is $54,900. 

Here are a few IT job titles that we will explore .

Systems Analyst, DB Administrator, Web Designer, DB designer, Computer Operator, Help Desk Support, Hardware Technician, Reports Developer and more...

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