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Our mission : We are a multi media marketing company and our main goal is to establish a partnership with local businesses to market their products and services via print and Internet.

Trademan magazine:

·        We print Trademan magazine  four times a year (once per quarter).

·        Current circulation of Trademan magazine is 20000 /year (in four prints).

·        We distribute the magazine to houses and businesses.

·        We distribute manually door to door OR via regular US mail individually addressed to current occupants.

·        Our distribution areas are mainly  on North and Northeast Baltimore county  and a portion of Baltimore city where zip codes overlap.  See our distribution area.       

Our website: 

1.      We develop a web page on and assign a unique key code for search optimization on our site.  When user search for this unique code only relevance contents  will come up.  We will use client provided text and images for content of the web page.

2.      We will link to your existing web site if you have one.

3.      You can update the content of the web every month as long we have partnership.

4.      Your business will have 24 x 7 exposure on the internet.



We will do our best to market your business to satisfy your need and fit your budget.

 1.      We meet with you to exchange ideas and establish a business partnership.  Please call to make an appointment we will come to you. 443-798-1646.

2.      We will work with you to gather and develop marketing material to be printed in Trademan magazine (text and images).

3.      We will design the Ad to be printed and you will give the final approval.

4.      We will print the magazine and distribute it once per quarter.  

5.      Our marketing fees ranges from $400/issue up to $6000/year and more depending on the package you choose.  We work out a payment plan with you if cannot pay the fees at once. 

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